Mediterraneo, has been founded by a couple living in Italy. Their story is nothing short of intriguing and beautiful. Just the fact that their story and lives together started while he was from the other side of the world is something truly special.

He came to Europe to explore, work and enjoy his life as single bachelor, on a six month project. The first stop was Italy, and it would end up being his last stop. He was not out there looking for love but the universe has a strange way of bringing two beautiful souls together when the time is right. This beautiful soul he had met was intelligent, she was classy, she had taste, she was very fashionable and stylish she was from a city in Sicily south of Italy, but above all she was a lady.

After just a short period of time together their love story blossomed into something truly special. He fell in love with her, in love with her city and in love with all of the Mediterranean.

Not long after, true love and destiny came into play and he decided to leave his family, home town and life behind to pursue the women of his dreams and so it happened within 4 years they got married and had a beautiful baby girl. They had decided together, with all their history being born in the Mediterranean, their constant eye for fashion and style that a suitable accessory had to be made, to represent the beauty of their location and the significance and uniqueness of their love for each other, and so the timepiece/s “MEDITERRANEO” the Italian word for the Mediterranean was born, the one word that could sum up everything that they had achieved in the four years of being together.