The Catania – Designer Mediterraneo Watch

The Catania limited edition Italian quality watches are the first of the series of the Mediterraneo watches to be launched.  The first 200 of these elegant lifestyle watches will be engraved with a limited edition production number on the rear of the watch.

Whether you are attending a casual lunch, or suiting up for a formal dinner, attending a wedding, simply taking a walk in the park or laying in the sun relaxing with cocktails along the beach side; The Catania Mediterraneo will add the touch of elegance to any occasion.

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ORDER HERS – $159.00

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Mediterraneo – Our story

“beautiful to the eye, better on the wrist”

Mediterraneo, has been founded by a couple living in Italy. Their story is nothing short of intriguing and beautiful. Just the fact that their story and lives together started while he was from the other side of the world is something truly special.

He came to Europe to explore, work and enjoy his life as single bachelor, on a six month project. The first stop was Italy, and it would end up being his last stop. He was not out there looking for love but the universe has a strange way of bringing two beautiful souls together when the time is right.

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If you were wondering from the opening story, which City in Sicily his partner was from, the answer is given away with the name of this watch. Catania, found on the east coast of sicily, it is the second largest city in sicily and is located at the foot of the famous, vibrant volcano of Mt Etna. The colors of this time piece are the inspiration from the warm ever glowing sun, the rising continuous grey smoke out of the mouth of Mt Etna and the diverse landscaped that it has created over the years including particular black sand beaches such as the “San Giovvani Licuti”


A polished Rose gold-plated case is combined and matched, with an interior composed of Rose gold roman numerals, time hands and Logo with a particular contrasting light grey face which has a sun dial effect and finished off with a genuine black leather strap.